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About Us

Blockscale Solutions provides comprehensive Advisory and Product Development services, with a key focus on blockchain technology and Digital ID Solutions. Based in Toronto, Canada and operating globally with active projects in 14 different cities worldwide, and working with government bodies, humanitarian agencies and corporations.

Advisory Services

Ensuring success with every initiative starts with a solid gameplan!

As no two projects are alike, our approach is to invest the time upfront with our client partners globally in order to ensure that we create a solid roadmap for success. Our advisory process begins with detailed Discovery sessions. Throughout this process, we work with you to understand your core project drivers while identifying key actors, processes and business objectives. We then look at mapping out all the interactions, from the end-to-end customer journey to internal processes, and everything in between. Finally, we design the framework of the solution being contemplated.

Our process is the same every time, and has allowed our client partners to have a clear strategy for any Blockchain project that they are contemplating from the get go!

Product Development Services

Our experienced team of developers, system architects and engineers support end to end product development with a proven track record in delivering state-of-the-art solutions leveraging blockchain technology and Digital ID Solutions.

Our Core Capabilities
  • Configuration, deployment and hosting of blockchain infrastructure
  • Smart Contract design, development and deployment on-chain components to model our clients processes
  • Configuration and integration support with our client’s existing IT solutions and systems


Blockscale Solutions works across a variety of industry sectors such as manufacturing, financial consumer goods to develop solutions that support various areas of needs including Supply Chain, Triple Entry Accounting and Registries.
Our core areas of product product focus are Traceability and Digital Identity solutions.

Whether it’s tracking the supply chain of a premium commodity from the source to the buyer or developing registries to store and distribute value-based information across key stakeholders, Blockscale Solutions develops targeted supply chain and registry product solutions for a variety of industry partner needs.

Examples of our work include:
  • Supply Chain: Building out an end-to-end supply chain framework for a commodity, from the source to the buyer, utilizing blockchain and sensor technology.
  • Triple Entry Accounting: reconciliation of a large corporation’s intercompany purchase orders and invoices to achieve greater transparency, accuracy and accessibility of the data.

Digital Identity
As an organization, we are very active in digital identity, specifically self-sovereign identity. We utilize a wide variety of Digital ID platforms and protocols to support our various product development needs, and are engaged in several Digital ID-based projects globally.

We are very proud to be partnered with leading organizations that are aligned with our approach, culture and values, including being an official steward of Sovrin:
  • Official Sovrin Steward: The Sovrin Network (Sovrin) is a decentralized self-sovereign identity network for enterprises and developers to deliver privacy, security, and ownership for all identity holders. The Sovrin Foundation is dedicated to enabling self-sovereign digital identity for all. The Foundation governs the Sovrin Network, an open source public service utility enabling self-sovereign identity.
  • Transparency

  • Trust

  • Data Availability,
    Integrity & Interoperability

  • Security

  • Efficiency

  • Reduce Costs

Education Services

If you’re looking to develop your in-house IT team with a solid foundation in Blockchain technical training - or need guidance for your overall organization with ideating on applicable use cases - our education division at the Blockchain Learning Group is there to help. They have trained over 200 developers (and growing) globally already, and specialize in accelerating Blockchain journeys through immersive, hands-on Education and Ideation programs.

Our Team

Chami Akmeemana

Chami Akmeemana

Chief Executive Officer

Chami Akmeemana is the CEO of Blockchain Learning Group and Blockscale Solutions. He is a Blockchain and AI Specialist. He pursued a Ph.D. in Bioceramic Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London, until deciding to forgo an academic career in favor of Law Enforcement. In 2002, he joined London’s Metropolitan Police.

Chami has had 4 successful exits over the last decade and is passionate about the intersection of technology, business and social good. His experience includes serving as Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs at ConsenSys Inc; Fintech Advisor to the Ontario Securities Commission; Managing Director, Fintech and Blockchain at the Global Risk Institute; and Regulatory Advisor to the Republic of Liberland.

Chami is also the Chairman of the Blockchain Association Australia and an Advisory Board member of doc.ai.
Murtaza Tawawala

Murtaza Tawawala

Chief Operating Officer

Murtaza brings over 20 years of experience in training, marketing, project management and product development for both global firms and Canadian companies. He is an accomplished training and marketing professional with extensive experience in the technology, insurance, financial, transportation and retail industries.
Adam Lemmon

Adam Lemmon

VP, Technology & Operations

Adam is a technology enthusiast and passionate engineer. Prior to joining Blockscale Solutions, Adam contributed to a wide range of Blockchain projects as well as lead various development workshops in Australia and Canada. Adam is inspired by the potential of Blockchain technology and actively is helping to build the global community.


Steve Orsini

Steve Orsini


Steve joined Canopy Growth in March 2019 as the Senior Vice-President and Chief of Staff, International. In this role, he is responsible for advancing the company’s international operations and government relations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America, including Mexico. In April 2019, Steve was appointed Distinguished Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. In May, he was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Blockchain Learning Group. In June, Steve joined the C.D. Howe Institute as a Senior Fellow to continue his advisory role in advancing public policy to promote sustainable economic growth. Steve has more than 30 years of experience in the public service, where he held numerous leadership positions. As Secretary of Cabinet, Head of the Ontario Public Service and Clerk of the Executive Council, Steve reported to the Ontario Premier and was responsible for 65,000 public- service employees. Steve also served as Ontario’s Deputy Minister (DM) of Finance and Secretary of the Treasury Board, and DM of the Ministry of Revenue and Associate DM for Taxation, Pensions and Agencies (e.g., Liquor Control Board of Ontario and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation). He has also held several positions at the Ontario Hospital Association, including Vice-President of Policy and Public Affairs.

Steve has a BA in Urban and Regional Planning and a Master’s in Environmental Studies (economic development). He completed the Canadian Securities Course, Parts I and II of the CICA Tax Course and the Harvard Health Care Leadership Program.
Dave Mowat

Dave Mowat

Dave Mowat was the President and CEO of ATB Financial for 11 years, which, through more than 5,000 team members provides a full range of banking services to more than 725,000 customers. ATB has grown to assets of more than $50 billion and is the largest, provincially based financial institution in Alberta.

Under his leadership, ATB transformed into a technology leader, committed to make banking work for people. It also became a bank obsessed with its customers and the experience they received. Community involvement and support for numerous community causes were a hallmark of ATB. As a leader, Mowat brought a strong commitment that growing team member engagement and customer advocacy were the most sustainable and successful ways to a strong bottom line.

Mowat was named Canada’s #1 CEO in 2016 by Glassdoor and was honoured as Business Person of the Year in 2014 by Alberta Venture. In 2017, Mowat was conferred with an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Alberta.

In 2016, Mowat headed Alberta’s Royalty Review panel that, after months of study and consultation with stakeholders and the public, the province adopted the panel's recommendation of an innovative new approach to Alberta’s oil and natural gas royalty structure.

Mowat is involved with numerous boards, including Telus, STARS, Alberta Blue Cross, the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, and the National Music Centre in Calgary. He was also involved with Dogs With Wings, and in 2016 was the puppy raiser for Vaughn, a black lab service puppy who was part of the organization’s program to train service dogs to make life better for blind and autistic children.

Mowat and wife Sandy have raised three children and now enjoy travelling, golf and riding road bikes together.
Tony Gaffney

Tony Gaffney

Tony is Managing Partner, Board and CEO Services at Odgers Berndtson Canada.

He has a proven record of creating value, in diverse industries and geographies by; setting direction, igniting growth, leading change, driving performance, servicing clients and empowering employees.

Tony is particularly adept at capitalizing on digital and technology disruptions, both as a market disrupter and industry incumbent. He was most recently CEO of Aon Hewitt, Canada. Before joining Aon Hewitt, Tony was a Managing Partner at Accenture, and has served as the President and CEO of Bell Nexxia and as the CEO of BCE Emergis. He has also held international leadership positions with MCI Telecommunications, SHL Systemhouse Inc., and Andersen Consulting.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.A.I.) degree and M.A. from Trinity College Dublin, and is a graduate of the Rotman Corporate Directors program (ICD.D).

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